Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 6 recap, second chances

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Grey's Anatomy Episode 6 was all about second chances as Leah Murphy returns to the hospital and Bailey is faced with the difficult decision of firing Alex or not. Check out our "Roar" recap below

Episode 6 of Grey's Anatomy Season 13 begins with Alex going to the court house for his trial date to be set. He makes small talk with the woman behind him in line, Veronica, who is contesting a speeding ticket she got. Veronica shares that she cannot spend the money on it now that she's pregnant. Alex notices a rash on her hands and tells her that she should get it checked out, explaining that he's a doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital and she can stop by the free clinic. DeLuca talks to Jo about the trial date being set, and shares that he's worried it will stir up drama at the hospital again. Jo reveals that she and Alex do not talk at all anymore, it's like their relationship never happened. We're digging this new friendship between DeLuca and Jo, and actor Giacomo Gianniotti has dished on whether it could lead to a romantic relationship in Grey's Anatomy Season 13.

At the hospital Maggie gushes to Arizona about how great the new resident that Webber hired is. Maggie sees Leah walking nearby and pulls her over to introduce her to Arizona. But little does Maggie know that the two women already know each other, quite well actually, and their reunion is super awkward. Arizona is not happy that Leah is back and she confronts Webber about rehiring her when he was the one who fired her for not doing her job adequately. Webber explains that he's giving Leah a second chance. As shown in the Grey's Anatomy Episode 6 sneak peek, Leah's return is the talk of the hospital. Maggie learns that both Alex and Arizona slept with Leah and Alex warns Maggie that Leah gets super attached, while Jo and Stephanie fill DeLuca in on Leah's spotted past. It turns out that Leah is now obsessed with Maggie. After reading an article that Maggie wrote which Leah found riveting, she became determined to work under Maggie.

Catherine comes in to talk to Bailey; she wants to know why Bailey hasn't fired Alex yet. Catherine doesn't think that Alex should remain on the staff, but Bailey defends him saying he's innocent until proven guilty and his court trial is still pending. Catherine declares that if Bailey doesn't start making moves to replace Karev, then she will. Veronica comes to the clinic to get the rash on her hands checked out. Alex becomes worried when she mentions that she's been losing weight, so he decides to run some tests. Since Alex has essentially lost most of his power as a doctor for the time being, he drags Bailey down to the clinic to break the news to Veronica that she has pancreatic cancer. Bailey wants to advise Veronica to terminate her pregnancy before undergoing chemo and radiation therapy, but that's not good enough for Alex. He wants to find a way to save both mother and child.

Alex suggests operating on Veronica to get rid of the cancer on her pancreas. It's very risky for the baby, but this surgery would help Veronica survive until she gives birth, instead of the alternative where both she and her unborn child die. However Bailey is upset with Alex for stepping out of line and proposing "an outrageous procedure," especially since she's debating firing him or not. If they do perform this risky surgery and the pregnancy remains intact, Veronica will likely die from cancer after giving birth anyway, but she's willing to sacrifice herself for a chance to save her baby. Jo was assigned to do rounds with Bailey, so she is forced to work with Alex on the case. DeLuca sees Jo and Alex talking and is disappointed with Jo for choosing guys with a bad boy streak, telling Jo that she deserves better.

Amelia's been avoiding Owen since she doesn't want to talk about the pregnancy false alarm. After some prodding from Owen, Amelia tells him that she want to wait to have kids and just enjoy being newlyweds for a while. After Amelia's patient, a young boy, dies on the operating table, Amelia gets very emotional and we somewhat understand why she would be relieved to not be pregnant. She tells Alex about the son she had that was born without a brain, but has never told anyone else. Owen doesn't even know the full story, and Amelia is scared that he'll hate her if she tells him how she really feels about not being pregnant, so she continues to avoid him. In the end Bailey tells Catherine that she is not firing Alex and that he deserves a second chance. To Bailey's surprise, Catherine is fine with this. She wants to focus instead on the resident training program, which her husband Dr. Webber is in charge of, implying that it's not up to par. How do you feel about Leah Murphy's return to the hospital?

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