Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 6 sneak peek, Amelia wants to wait to have kids

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Amelia learned that she does not actually have a bun in the oven after believing that she did, and now this Grey's Anatomy Episode 6 clip sees Amelia and Owen's vastly different reactions to the news

The latest installment of Grey's Anatomy saw Amelia going around the hospital telling some of the other doctors that she's pregnant. April, Maggie and Meredith were all excited for her, but Meredith is the voice of reason when she tells Amelia that it's not real until she pees on a stick, as seen in the Grey's Anatomy Episode 5 clip. Amelia seems super happy at the prospect of being pregnant, but she stresses over how to tell Owen. However she didn't need to worry, Owen had spent the whole day taking care of baby Harriet and is ecstatic when Amelia tells him the news. But when Amelia finally takes a pregnancy test, she sees that she is in fact not pregnant, and what's more she seems to be relieved. Check out our Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 5 recap if you missed it!

The Episode 6 clip sees Owen run into Amelia at work. He asks his wife if she's got a minute to talk, but Amelia responds that there's nothing to talk about. Owen is concerned that Amelia hasn't wanted to talk about not being pregnant. Amelia reassures her hubby that she's fine and asks him what the rush is? "We were barely engaged, and now we're barely married and we're already trying for kids. Why all the pressure?" asks Amelia.

Amelia then goes on to say that they should just enjoy each other and being newlyweds before focusing too much on the future. Owen agrees, but it's clear that they are not on the same page. Now this storyline could simply serve to create friction in Amelia and Owen's relationship, but we have a feeling something more serious could be going on. It's a bit sad that we automatically assume the worst, that Amelia is no longer able to have kids, but this is the type of thing that Grey's Anatomy does to us. It's heartbreaking, we know. Take it up with Shonda Rhimes. Do you think there's more to the story with Amelia wanting to wait to have kids?

Source: YouTube: @Grey's Anatomy - GreySloan