Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 6 sneak peek, Leah makes an awkward return to the hospital

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After a two season break, Tessa Ferrer's Leah Murphy is back in action on Grey's Anatomy, but this Episode 6 sneak peek shows that she's not exactly welcomed back to the hospital with open arms

Tessa Ferrer makes her highly anticipated return to Grey's Anatomy following her exit from the show in Season 10. There's been talk that Ferrer's character Leah could rekindle her flame with Arizona and become her new love interest, but after watching the clip below we're not so sure. Based on the Grey's Anatomy Episode 6 spoiler photos it looks like Leah will be working under Maggie, and this sneak peek confirms it.

The video begins with Maggie and Alex eating lunch. Arizona sits down and joins them, asking Alex, "Did Pierce tell you about her new favorite resident? I mean technically it's an old resident... Leah Murphy." Alex responds, "She's back?" Maggie then jumps in, "I love her. Really great suture techniques, steady hands..." Arizona continues, "Can Webber really rehire her? I mean I am on the board." When Maggie asks what Arizona's problem with Leah is Alex reveals that Arizona slept with her, and Arizona adds that Alex did too. Alex then warns Maggie that Leah gets very attached to people.

Over at another table Jo and Stephanie are also talking about Leah being back, saying that it's weird she didn't call to let them know. DeLuca joins and asks who they're talking about. Jo tells DeLuca about Leah who was in their intern class and left the second year of the program. "Not by choice," Stephanie adds. Stephanie lists off reasons for why Leah was fired, which Leah overhears and then sits down at their table. A surprised Jo says, "Hiiiii. We were just..." "Talking about me," finishes Leah. We're curious to see more of Leah's storyline, especially since her welcome back is not very warm. TV Guide has revealed that Leah is determined to get back into the good graces of one of the doctors, but it's not Arizona. Our best bet would be Webber, since he was the one who fired her and has now rehired her. She needs to make the most of her second chance. Are you excited to see Leah back in action at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital?

Source: Twitter: @GreysABC