Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 6 trailer, Catherine wants Alex to be fired

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Alex is back in the hot seat again in Grey's Anatomy Episode 6, as Catherine Avery gets involved in his affairs. Get a sneak peek of what's in store with the "Roar" trailer below

The previous installment of Grey's Anatomy took a break from Alex and DeLuca's courtroom drama to focus on a few of the other doctors, specifically Owen and Amelia. Owen spent the day taking care of baby Harriet for Jackson, while Amelia was convinced that she is pregnant. But like Meredith told Amelia in the Grey's Anatomy Episode 5 clip, it's not real until she pees on a stick. Amelia finally told Owen, who was super excited about having a baby, but when Amelia took a pregnancy test she learned that she is not pregnant. Check out our Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 5 recap if you missed it. The next episode of Grey's, titled "Roar," looks set to bring the drama back to Alex, and to make matters worse, Catherine Avery is getting involved.

It looks like Alex does something in Episode 6 that gets him in trouble! The trailer begins with Bailey warning him, "You are on thin ice!" We then see Catherine Avery say to Bailey, "He should not be a doctor on our staff." We think it's safe to say that she's talking about Alex. The narrator teases that Bailey and Alex's relationship will face the ultimate test, as Bailey tells Alex, "You are not some hot-shot surgeon right now." To which Alex replies, "I don't care." We're sure that whatever insubordination Alex has done is to help out a patient in need. The clip ends with Catherine talking to Bailey, declaring, "If you don't take some steps to replace Dr. Karev, I will." Oooh ominous! What do you think Bailey will do?

Source: Twitter: @GreysABC