Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 7 recap, change is good?

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Grey's Anatomy Episode 7 sees Catherine and Bailey try to implement change at the hospital by bringing in someone new. And this person certainly shakes things up. Here's our recap of "Why Try to Change Me Now"

The previous installment of Grey's Anatomy ended with Catherine telling Bailey that they need to take a closer look at the hospital's residency program. Check out our Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 6 recap if you missed it. "Why Try to Change Me Now" begins with Bailey telling Catherine that someone named Eliza Minnick is coming to the hospital for a few days to observe and assess, and she's notified the staff with an email. The email has caused quite a stir as the doctors wonder what this surprise visit is all about. Alex thinks that Minnick is coming because he beat up DeLuca, while both the residents and doctors worry that they're getting fired. Dr. Webber is annoyed that he wasn't made aware of the visit beforehand and is even more upset when he learns that Dr. Minnick has already arrived and is talking to the residents in a meeting that he is not allowed to attend.

The Grey's Anatomy Episode 7 spoiler photos teased a tense hospital meeting, and it is at first. In the meeting Minnick explains that she's there to make sure the residents get the best training, and she basically asks them to give her the dirt on the hospital and the attending doctors. Once they hear that everything they say is confidential they immediately warm up to Minnick and spill their feelings. Later on Meredith is annoyed when Minnick suddenly appears during her surgery to observe and makes a lot of comments about Meredith not letting Ben do more of the work. Meredith then complains to Webber about Minnick, thinking that he had a hand in Minnick disrupting her surgery.

Maggie finds Minnick's notebook that she wrote in during the meeting with the residents and sees that she ranked the attending doctors. Maggie is even more upset that she doesn't have a good ranking and tells Webber about the list. When Maggie sees Minnick leaving at the end of the day she goes over to introduce herself, and Minnick is friendly, but pretty much tells Maggie that it would suck to be her student since she's known as a child prodigy. Webber overhears this conversation and then confronts Bailey about Minnick and says that everyone is complaining about her. Webber also becomes territorial of his job and the residency program when Bailey mentions that she plans for Minnick to work alongside him.

Amelia and Owen have been bickering a lot and Amelia says Alex that she's hasn't had a chance to tell Owen how she really feels about having children yet. The newlyweds also can't seem to get along and argue over what to do in regards to a patient. Amelia chooses to spend the night at the hospital to 'keep an eye on the patient', but we all know she's really just avoiding Owen. It turns out that Amelia has been staying at the hospital for weeks, but the patient and his wife make her want to fix her relationship. Amelia tells Owen that she wants to set a reset button, but instead they get into another fight and she finally blurts out that she doesn't want to have a baby. Amelia then shows up on Meredith's doorstep, asking if she can spend the night there. Meanwhile April is on Tinder and starts dating. It's awkward for her and Jackson to talk about it, especially since they're living together, but Jackson actually encourages her to get back out there.

Minnick turns an emergency surgery into a learning lesson for the residents, against Webber's wishes. However Maggie is so eager to please Minnick that she happily goes along with it. Webber is angered by Minnick's unconventional methods, but she proves herself right when she purposefully nicks the patient's artery during the surgery and DeLuca acts quickly to fix it. Arizona confronts Minnick about not being on her list, only to find out that it wasn't a ranking but just a way to remember the doctors' names. The reason that Arizona isn't on the list, Minnick explains, is because she can easily remember it, especially with that face of hers. Did she just hit on Arizona? If so it looks like Minnick could turn out to be Arizona's love interest this season.

The episode ends with Minnick talking to Bailey. She is interested in coming to work at the hospital, however she has a few other opportunities that she needs to check out before taking the job. Minnick warns Bailey that if she does end up working there people will hate Bailey. Of course, they'll hate Minnick, the agent of change, but they'll also hate Bailey for bringing her to the hospital. Minnick also declares that she works alone, which means that Webber would be out of a job. After Minnick leaves Webber tells Bailey that he's warmed up to Minnick and would be happy to work with her. And Bailey looks like she's wondering what kind of mess she's gotten herself into. What do you think of Dr. Eliza Minnick?

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