Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 7 trailer, is someone getting fired?

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The doctors are all in danger of getting fired in Grey's Anatomy Episode 7, as Catherine and Bailey restructure the hospital's programs. Check out the trailer for "Why Try to Change Me Now" below

The latest episode of Grey's Anatomy saw the return of Leah Murphy to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Leah hooked up with both Alex and Arizona, and was ultimately fired by Dr. Webber - not because of her romantic relations, but because her skills as a surgeon were not up to par. Well now she's back, and it looks like she has a new doctor to obsess over: Maggie Pierce. For now Maggie is absolutely blown away by her new favourite resident, but we'll see if Leah's old habits show themselves in due time or if she really has turned over a new leaf.

The Grey's Anatomy Episode 6 trailer teased that Catherine wanted Bailey to fire Alex. Bailey struggled with this decision throughout the episode, but in the end she firmly told Catherine that she's not getting rid of a good surgeon and Alex is staying. Catherine was surprisingly totally fine with this and had turned her attention instead to fixing the resident training program, which her husband, Richard Webber, is in charge of. Catch up with our Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 6 recap if you missed it.

The Episode 7 trailer shows Catherine's plan to restructure the resident program being put into the action, and all the doctors are scrambling. Alex tells Meredith, "They're going to overhaul the program." Ben is then seen telling Webber, "I'd hate to think that people might get fired." It sounds like Ben isn't the only concerned doctor coming to Webber with questions or looking for reassurance, as Webber says to Bailey, "You got all these people worried, I don't know what to tell them." Bailey may be the one carrying out the act, but it's definitely Catherine's initiative. She declares, "This is the right call." But is it? Bailey isn't so sure as she asks her hubby Ben to tell her that she's doing the right thing. Even Arizona is worried that she's going to get fired, so this restructuring must be pretty intense. The promo video ends with Bailey saying to Webber, "Medicine is changing! Change with it, or get left behind." Do you think Dr. Webber is in danger of losing his job?

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