Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 8 sneak peek, Meredith pulls rank

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Tensions between the doctors are quite high in the upcoming installment of Grey's Anatomy, with this Episode 8 sneak peek showing Meredith go head-to-head with her former mentor Richard Webber

The latest episode of Grey's Anatomy really shook up the hospital, with the introduction of Dr. Eliza Minnick whose goal is to help the residents get as much hands-on experience as possible - even if she has to purposefully nick a patient's artery to do so. Dr. Webber really struggled with having this new person come stomping into his territory. Bailey was hoping that Minnick would join the staff and work alongside Webber to train the residents, but it turns out that if Minnick does accept the position, Richard will be out of a job because Minnick works alone. Check out our Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 7 recap if you missed it. It's still unclear whether or not Minnick will return to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, but since it was teased that she's Arizona's new love interest, we definitely think she'll be back to shake things up even more!

The clip for the upcoming episode is basically an expanded version of the Grey's Anatomy Episode 8 trailer, which previews a power struggle in the OR. Meredith, Owen, Richard and Stephanie are in the middle of surgery, when Stephanie announces that the pressure is dropping. Meredith explains that it will continue to drop and the patient will keep on bleeding despite any move they make. Therefore she thinks that they should just cut their loses, close the patient up and try to operate on him again later when he's stronger. However Owen wants to try to repair several injuries before closing up the patient, and Webber agrees with him.

Meredith declares that they won't be able to see anything and that it's better to close the body and let it heal. Webber then suggests listing the patient for an emergency liver transplant, but Meredith shuts down that idea, explaining why it's not a feasible option and it would be a waste of a liver. Despite Meredith reminding Webber that it's not his patient on the operating table, Richard continues to disagree with Meredith and wants to discuss all the options. Meredith finally pulls rank, saying that she as the Chief of General Surgery gets to make the final call. How do you think Webber will respond to this in Episode 8?

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