Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 8 trailer, a power struggle in the OR

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Meredith has taken a backseat in the last few episodes, but it looks like it's Meredith vs. Webber and Owen in the OR in Grey's Anatomy Episode 8. Watch a the trailer for "The Room Where It Happens" below

The previous installment of Grey's Anatomy saw Dr. Eliza Minnick roll into town and create a lot of drama at the hospital while trying to revamp the residential program. The Grey's Anatomy Episode 7 trailer previewed that the residents and attending doctors alike were worried that they would get fired. However the only person in danger of losing his job is Dr. Webber, and that's if Minnick accepts the position at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. It's still up in the air whether she'll join the Seattle staff or not, although it looks very likely that Dr. Minnick will turn out to be Arizona's new love interest. Check out our Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 7 recap if you missed it and need to catch up. Episode 8 is titled "The Room Where It Happens" and seems to be referring to where surgery takes place, aka the operating room. Take a gander at the trailer below.

The video sees Owen, Webber and Meredith in the OR, along with some residents and other doctors to help out. Owen announces hurriedly, "We're racing against the clock here." Dr. Webber then says, "We need to discuss the options," to which Meredith replies, "No we don't." Webber asks why not and Meredith then tells him, "I out-rank you." The narrator teases, "A power struggle could have deadly consequences."

Owen asks for sutures, but when Meredith reprimands him, Owen says that his patient is fighting for his life. However Meredith responds that the person on the operating table is not Owen's patient. There are some major complications that happen during the surgery; with blood splattering, the patient's heart-rate falls and the doctors looking thoroughly frazzled. When Owen later asks for scissor, Meredith commands, "Do not make that cut!" Will the surgeons' bickering inhibit them from saving the patient's life? Do you think the patient will survive this surgery in Episode 8?

Source: Twitter: @GreysABC