Grey's Anatomy Season 13 filming has begun!

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Grey's Anatomy is back in action! - working on production that is, as filming for Season 13 has officially begun. Check out the tweets that showrunner Shonda Rhimes and other Grey's actors gifted fans with below

Last week Shonda Rhimes shared that the Grey's Anatomy cast and crew "are back at it for Season 13" with a video of the first table read of the season. The room's excitement was palpable. Now it looks like August 1 marked the start of filming, with the Grey's stars heading back to the office. Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo, tweeted: "Happy Sunday- today is my last day of hiatus- tmw I step back into the world of greys anatomy- and everthingggg (aka The DRAMA) it entails."

There's been A LOT of questions surrounding Jo's true identity ever since she revealed in the Season 12 finale that she is not who she says she is and she's been hiding from an abusive husband this whole time. Meanwhile Debbie Allen, who portrays Jackson's mom Catherine Avery, wrote on Twitter: "nothing beat the smell of a re-opened set!!" Does this mean we'll be seeing Catherine trying to meddle in Jackson and April's relationship in Season 13? Seeing as she has a new grand-daughter we certainly think so!

Shonda Rhimes then reminded us just how long Grey's Anatomy has been around by posting: "Today we begin shooting the 270th episode. And I remember wondering if we'd get to shoot [Season] 13..." Thirteen seasons is a really long time, especially in Hollywood, and fans actually have La-La Land's ageism to thank for Ellen Pompeo's long run as Meredith Grey.

Many of the Grey's stars have been teasing the upcoming love triangle between Meredith-Riggs and Maggie, but knowing Mer and Maggie's temperament, we aren't expecting to see a lot of drama and tension between the half sisters. In fact, they'll probably be overly nice to each other. Amelia and Owen may still be in a state of newlywed bliss when Season 13 begins, however actors Caterina Scorsone and Kevin McKidd both spoke about their characters' reactions to finding out about Riggs and Meredith's hookup and the love triangle. Are you excited that filming has started up again for Season 13?

Source: Twitter: @shondarhimes, @camilluddington, @msdebbieallen