Grey's Anatomy Season 13, is Leah Murphy Arizona's new love interest?

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Former surgical intern Leah Murphy is returning in Grey's Anatomy Season 13, but in what capacity? Could Tessa Ferrer's character get a second chance with Arizona as her new love interest?

The Grey's Anatomy Season 13: Episode 4 trailer focuses on Meredith and Riggs' relationship. It looks like Riggs' feelings for Meredith might have clouded his judgement when it comes to a patient's health. Riggs siding with Meredith regarding the patient's treatment will also have a negative effect on Riggs and Owen's relationship, as Owen angrily disagrees on how to proceed. In happier news Arizona is back in action at the hospital after visiting Callie, Sofia and Penny in New York. Arizona finds herself caught in the middle between her roommate DeLuca and Alex, whom she doesn't hold back from reprimanding for his actions. At first Alex doesn't want to hear it, having already heard the same thing from the other doctors, but later on Alex and Arizona have a heart to heart with Alex declaring that he'll do whatever it takes to get his job back. The most recent Grey's news is that Alex and Arizona are getting a blast from their past as Leah Murphy returns!

Tessa Ferrer is set to reprise her role as Leah Murphy in Grey's Anatomy Season 13. Leah, along with Jo and Stephanie Edwards, joined the hospital staff as a group of interns in Season 9. Ferrer was promoted to a series regular for Season 10, but departed from the show at the end of the season after her character was fired by Webber from the surgical program for not having the necessary skills. Leah found herself in a romantic entanglement with Arizona, but wanted more from the relationship than Arizona.

Before the start of Season 13, showrunner Shonda Rhimes delighted fans by revealing that Arizona will get a love interest, and considering the timing of Leah's return it looks like she'll get a second chance with Arizona. Jessica Capshaw recently dished on Arizona's new lady love in Grey's Season 13 saying, "I'm guessing and think it will be someone who has a great amount of confidence and excitement." Do you think Arizona and Leah will rekindle their flame this season?

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