meltDown: Shia LaBeouf wasn't granted entry into the Suicide Squad

The meltDown is back to deliver your weekly dose of superhero film and TV news. This week James Gunn told us that we'll see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's trailer before Christmas, we learnt that Warner Bros. didn't want Shia LaBeouf in Suicide Squad, Tom Hiddleston's People's Choice Award acceptance video was rudely interrupted by two superheroes, Stan Lee said he'd like to cameo in a DC movie and Barry might be corrupted by power in The Flash Season 3.

If Barry turns bad, then there's no hope for the world. Hope you enjoy the video, and come back here next week to get your weekly fix superhero news. Love you all!

Source Crédits :Facebook: @JGunn / Variety / Entertainment Weekly / Marvel Studios / Warner Bros. / Lucasfilm / Sony Pictures / The CW
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