PlayStation 4: Dishonored 2 hands-on at EGX 2016

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Last week melty stopped by EGX 2016 to try out the biggest upcoming video games, and while we were one of the first in the world to try out the Dishonored 2 demo. Check out our thoughts below!

After queuing half-an-hour for the Dishonored 2 booth on the first day of Eurogamer Expo 2016, we were finally sitting in front of a console and given the choice between playing Emily or Corvo. While we were curious about how Corvo's abilities have developed and changed since the first Dishonored outing, we were even more excited about the possibility of playing Emily, so naturally we elected to play as the Empress. Of course she's not the same innocent little girl that she used to be, and her experiences in the first game have changed her. Dishonored 2 takes place fifteen years after the events of the first game, and it's safe to say that Emily's reign is far from secure. Emily's mission was to infiltrate the mansion of Kirin Jindosh because of the part he's been playing in the conspiracy against Emily, and like the previous Dishonored entry, you can choose whether to assassinate Jindosh or deal with him in a non-lethal manner.

What was most interesting about Emily, is despite her extremely lethal abilities, she doesn't appear to be a naturally inclined killer. Speaking in the demo she actually seems quite keen to deal with Jindosh non-lethally, though of course the ultimate decision lies with the player, and whether or not you complete the optional objective in the level may change your mind as to whether you want to leave Jindosh alive or not. The level we played was called Clockwork Mansion, and it was quite possibly the most creative Dishonored level we've seen yet. Jindosh is a talented inventor who has created a clockwork house that revolves around you as you try to track him down, and we loved navigating our way through the puzzles. We can't say we didn't get lost for about ten minutes, but we still couldn't help but love the level design.

While the primary objective was to find and deal with Jindosh, the secondary objective was to rescue a prisoner who was being held captive in the Clockwork Mansion. We won't spoil who it was, but needless to say it adds a more personal touch to the level as it's a recognisable face from the first entry in the series. As to how differently Emily plays to Corvo, she has several unique abilities that make Corvo's Devour Swarm spell look like child's play. Domino chains targets together so that if one takes damage, they all do, while Far Reach is essentially a supernatural grappling hook that can be used to traverse great distances or pull enemies towards Emily. Emily's Shadow Walk is perhaps her most sinister ability, as she turns into a cloud of smoke and can either just use it to sneak around or to brutally murder her targets.

Regardless of how you use them, these abilities certainly give Emily an edge over Corvo in our mind. Based on our experience at EGX, a playthrough with Corvo and a playthrough with Emily could differ hugely, and with the multitude of paths that Dishonored allows you to take, Dishonored 2 certainly deserves multiple playthroughs with each character. Dishonored 2 may not have featured in our list of PlayStation's best games from E3 2016, but it was certainly one of the best we saw at EGX. For regular updates on all things PlayStation 4, click the green subscribe button below. We'll be announcing the latest PSPlus games as soon as we hear them, but if you haven't seen this month's, check out the PSPlus free games for September 2016 here! Will you be picking up Dishonored 2?

Source: melty, YouTube: @Bethesda Softworks