PlayStation's best games from their E3 2016 press conference

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Sony's E3 2016 press conference has just ended. All we can say is WOW! So many great games, but let's try and pick our favourites.

Here we go. PlayStation's E3 2016 press conference has just ended and now it's time to do that thing where we try and choose our favourite games. So many games, how can we do this?

5. God of War

God of War's been in dire need of a reboot, and it looks like Santa Monica Studios has done that. Kratos is no longer a shouty (well he is still a bit shouty), angry, and genuinely unpleasant. This new reboot seems exactly like what the franchise needed. We hope that it's as good as it looks, because it looks so good!

4. Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games is back and has made a game with mech dinosaurs, set in the future, when humanity has reverted back to being sort of cavemen. Oh yeah, and you play a real badass woman. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most interesting new IPs and every time that Sony show this game we get more and more interested in playing it.

3. Spider-Man

"Spider-Man. Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can." Spidey's back to PlayStation and he looks so good. Insomniac Games has been given the keys to bring Peter Parker back to our gaming consoles and we really can't wait to battle villains, swing around New York and be generally awesome as the very best Marvel superhero of all time.

2. Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Resident Evil is yet another franchise in desperate need of a reboot. Resident Evil has lost its way in recent years, ever since Shinji Mikami left the franchise, and has completely forgotten what it was all about to begin with: being scary. Resident Evil 7 biohazard looks scary, very scary indeed. It's also a PlayStation VR game, so you'll be completely immersed in that awful and disgusting world. We can't wait to get our hands on this one and explore that spooky house.

1. Death Stranding

What can we say about Death Stranding? Hideo Kojima partnering with Sony to make a game exclusive on PlayStation 4, and not only that, it stars Norman Reedus. OMG guys! This one's going to be huge. There are echoes of P.T. in this strange trailer. We have to say that we are incredibly excited to see what Kojima Productions deliver, and whatever it'll be, we're sure that it will be amazing. Sony has given him carte blanche, so their are no strings of Kojima. Which was your favourite PS4 game from E3?

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