Pretty Little Liars: Melissa Hastings returns to Rosewood in Season 7B

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Each passing day brings us closer and closer to Pretty Little Liars Season 7B, which will see many of the OG characters return to the screen to wrap up the final mysteries, and of course Melissa Hastings will be taking part in the action

Pretty Little Liars will have a tell-all aftershow following the series finale, but first the very last episode will bring many of the characters back to Rosewood to wrap things up, and Melissa Hastings is one of those characters. Melissa has been MIA in the first part of Season 7. It was revealed in Season 6 through a flashback that Charlotte is the reason Melissa and Wren broke up and Melissa still feels very bitter about that. It was also teased that the murder weapon used to kill Charlotte is a missing part of Melissa's suitcase handle. That was never really properly explained, so we expect that to be cleared up at some point in Pretty Little Liars' final ten episodes. Wren is also returning to Rosewood in Season 7B and we cannot imagine what brings him back if he and Melissa are broken up. Perhaps they've gotten back together?

It was recently revealed that the PLL moms will appear in the series finale, and the actresses shared heartfelt posts with pictures of their onscreen moms after their final scenes. Actress Torrey DeVitto, who plays Melissa Hastings, also shared a photo on Instagram of herself with her onscreen sister Troian Bellisario. In a separate post, DeVitto said a final goodbye to Pretty Little Liars, which she's appeared on since the show's very first episode, after filming her last scenes.

And now, it's time to say my final goodbye ... In the wee hours of this morning I did my final scenes as Melissa Hastings. I don't think it's quite hit me that this show that so quickly became like a home base for me, or that this character whom I have learned so much from and grew SO much with is now over. So much has happened over these last 7 years, but through all these changes, 'pretty little liars' stood as a constant space to go back to. Thank you to everyone involved and thank you to all who love and watch this show. It's been such an honor to play this character and work with such an amazing cast and crew. And a special thank you to @imarleneking for creating this world for us all to get lost in. Feeling so grateful for you and these last 7 years. #byebyePLL #ByebyeMelissa

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The actress has previously teased that it's definitely possible her character is the one who killed Charlotte; Melissa did kill Bethany Young after all. Although we have to cut Melissa some slack because she was only trying to help her sister. Melissa's love for Spencer leads us here at melty to believe that Melissa is not A.D. since she would never do all those messed up things to her sister. We are very curious to see how Melissa's story ends though and whether or not Wren is involved with it, since we still think that some dark secret about Wren will be revealed in the final ten episodes. Are you happy that Melissa will return to Rosewood one last time?

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