Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 4 recap, the Liars cover their tracks

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Jenna returns to Rosewood in Pretty Little Liars Episode 4, while the ladies have reverted back to their old ways of covering things up instead of going to the police. Here's our recap of "Hit and Run, Run, Run"

Following the previous Pretty Little Liars installment that saw Hanna hit Elliot with her car, killing him instantly, the ladies get to work hiding the evidence instead telling the truth to the police. Typical. Here's the recap for Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 3 if you missed it. Episode 6 ("Hit and Run, Run, Run") begins with the PLLs burying Elliot's body. Aria wants to go to the police and tell the truth about what happened, however Spencer and Emily don't think anyone will believe their story. Instead their plan is to make it look like Elliot skipped town. Hanna tries to help Spencer clean up, but Caleb shows up wanting to talk to Spencer, not knowing that Hanna is also there. From the other side of the door Caleb tries again to explain his kiss with Hanna and then goes on to talk about a special night when he and Spencer started to hangout and fall in love. It's really painful for Hanna to hear and all three of them get emotional and cry.

Meanwhile Aria uses Elliot's Welby pass to sneak Alison back into her room. But once inside the sanitarium Alison disappears when Aria goes to check out the hallway leading to her room. Aria finally finds Alison hiding in the stairway; she is too terrified to go back to her room, but Aria convinces Ali that she has to do this to help the PLLs cover their tracks. And now that Elliot is gone, Aria promises Alison that they will come back and get her out of there. Aria also asks Alison what she was doing at the church the night of Charlotte's death; Ali explains that she went there to talk to Charlotte who was upset after finding out about Alison and Elliot. As she was leaving the church Alison heard a noise coming from someone else in the church, but she never told the police about it thinking that it might make her look even more guilty.

Spencer waits at The Radley until Aria is finished with her part of the plan so that she can use Elliot's credit card to buy a one way ticket out of town and then put his phone on the train. However she gets distracted by a guy named Marco. Spencer tries to leave, but ends up getting drunk and partaking in a steamy makeout session with Marco in the elevator. Mid-hookup Spencer stops, saying that she can't do this, she then calls Emily to say that she can't carry through with her part of the plan. Emily picks up Spencer, who is wasted, and takes her home.

When Aria and Hanna go back to the woods to burn Lucas' car that Hanna was driving when she hit Elliot, they discover that it's missing. They see tire tracks and realize that somebody must have driven it away, meaning that somebody knows what they did. Mona then pulls up in the car with a brand new windshield. Back at Lucas' apartment Mona explains that she got suspicious of Elliot when Alison checked herself into Welby, so she had been spying on him and quickly found Lucas' abandoned car after following the tracking device she put on Elliot's car into the woods. In addition to fixing the windshield Mona got rid of all the blood and fingerprints inside the car, however Hanna and Aria don't seem too happy about Mona involving herself in their business.

The next morning the ladies have brunch with Mona at The Radley as a cover story while they talk about finding Elliot's burner phone. As they're trying to figure out who Elliot's accomplice could be, in walks Jenna as teased in the Pretty Little Liars Episode 4 trailer. Jenna says hi to the group, explaining that she's in town to celebrate Toby's engagement, and she makes the Liars feel extremely uncomfortable with comments that reveal she knows Hanna is engaged and Ali is in a sanitarium. When Toby sees Jenna waiting for him at the police station, he is both surprised and angry to see her. Jenna declares that she wants to make amends, but Toby responds that they tried to do that three years prior and it didn't go so well.

Spencer returns to the barn to find Caleb and all his belongings gone, while Aria and Emily show up at Welby to visit Alison and see Toby and a bunch of police officers there. Toby tells Emily, Aria and Spencer that the real Dr. Elliot Rollins has been dead for 15 years, and the man that Alison married is a fraud. Toby reveals that the police think Elliot knows he was close to being found out so he skipped town, but they've made it a top priority to find him. In Welby, Alison wakes up and sees Mary Drake standing above her. Mary tells Alison in a creepy tone of voice that Alison is in her care now. Meanwhile Hanna realizes she lost her bracelet so she and Mona search for it in Elliot's car. Just after finding it they hear a phone ring and uncover Elliot's burner phone. Mona answers the call and it's from Jenna! We knew her return meant trouble for the PLLs. How do you think Jenna is involved with Elliot (or should we say Archer as she called him)?

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