Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 5 recap, the enemy of my enemy is my friend

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Pretty Little Liars Episode 5 was jam-packed full of information as the ladies try to find out who Elliot really was, while Jenna seems to be rounding up a group of suspicious characters. And the proposal made us very happy indeed! Here's our recap

Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 4 saw the ladies cover up Elliot's death, making it look like he skipped town. Episode 5 begins with Aria waiting for Alison to come home after getting released from Welby, and is shocked to learn that Mary Drake will be staying with Ali. Aria warns Alison that Mary was working with Elliot, but Alison doesn't care, she just wanted to get out of Welby. She tells Aria to leave her alone with Mary a bit so she can try to get some answers. Once inside the house Alison confronts Mary about helping Elliot drive her into the mental facility. Mary explains that Elliot contacted her since they were both grieving over Charlotte's murder and he convinced her that it was Alison who is responsible for the death. Mary maintains that Elliot was clever and manipulative, while she was in a vulnerable state. She asks for her niece's forgiveness, but it's clear that there's still a lot of distrust and animosity between the two.

Mona managed to find a deleted text on Elliot's burner phone from the night of his death saying that Alison didn't kill Charlotte. The Pretty Little Liars realize that Elliot must not have been planning to kill Alison when he moved her out of Welby. Mona also found a location where Elliot used the burner phone a lot, and tracked it to an apartment - Elliot's burner apartment as the ladies put it. Emily wants to go check it out, but Aria and Alison worry that it might look suspicious since the police are trying to find Elliot. Meanwhile it seems like Aria and Ezra are officially back together, but Aria makes sure to keep Ezra in the dark about the Elliot situation. Later when Ezra is out Aria hears his phone ringing and sees that the call is coming from his (presumed to be dead) ex-girlfriend Nicole. So Aria answers it, but all she hears on the other side is street music and people talking. Emily calms Aria down, saying that someone else probably called from Nicole's phone by accident and advises Aria not to tell Ezra and delete the call.

Emily's relationship with Sabrina is blossoming, but Emily has to bail on their date when she remembers that she has a test. By the time Emily makes it to her class it's too late to take the test, but later on Emily receives an email showing that she scored a 92%. Emily then receives a message from A.D. saying: "Thank me later, ungrateful bitch." Emily shows the text to Aria and then uses Elliot's burner phone to text the unknown number in an attempt to get some answers. The accomplice suggests meeting up at "the usual spot," which the ladies presume to be Elliot's burner apartment. As Emily and Aria are heading to the apartment, they run into Sabrina and things are super awkward between her and Emily, but later on Emily asks her out on another date.

Spencer's busy searching for Caleb, who's been missing for a few days now after taking all his belongings and leaving Spencer's barn. She goes to the police station to see if Toby knows anything, and he assures her that Caleb is okay, he just needs some time alone. Spencer then runs into Marco, who is formally introduced to her as Toby's new supervisor on the Rollins case. When Alison tries to withdraw money from an ATM, she learns that there is no money in her account. She then searches though her house and realizes that Elliot took all of her money; in her bank accounts, Carassimi funds and even the lock-boxes she had in the house. Jenna stops by Alison's house looking for Elliot/Archer, but Alison confronts Jenna about making him think that she killed Charlotte. Jenna then goes to The Radley and makes friends with Sara Harvey at the bar. Later on at The Brew Emily sees that Sara and Jenna have become besties.

Elliot's burner apartment is a pigsty, but after some intense digging Aria and Emily realize that the mess is just a cover. They find a couple of blank passports and a ledger book that shows Elliot was paying both Mary Drake and Jenna. They also find a book that belongs to Archer Dunhill, who Aria thinks must be A.D. The ladies hear someone coming and lock the door just in time as man tries to enter. Luckily for them the man happens to be Toby, who was sent to investigate the apartment.

Alison is called into the police department to speak to Marco. He tells her that they've tracked Elliot to Baltimore and that they won't stop until they catch him. When Alison tells the other PLLs about her talk with Marco, Spencer declares that someone must be on to them since they set it up to make it look like Elliot went to Philly, not Baltimore. As teased in the PLL Episode 5 trailer, "Along Comes Mary" ends with Ezra proposing to Aria. Yaaassss Ezria!!! Unfortunately we have to wait until next week to find out Aria's response. And at The Radley Noel Kahn joins Jenna and Sara for a drink. Uh-oh, what could the three of them be up to? Are you as excited as we about Ezra's proposal to Aria?

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