Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 6's trailer hints that Archer is still alive

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The plot thickens on Pretty Little Liars, as the Episode 6 trailer teases that Elliot/Archer is still alive. Check out the promo for the next episode, titled "Wanted: Dead or Alive," below

The latest installment of Pretty Little Liars was filled to the brim with action and info. Mary Drake moved in with Alison, while Emily and Aria went on a sleuthing mission to find out more about Elliot's real identity. Meanwhile Jenna became besties with Sara Harvey, and were met at The Radley by Noel Kahn. The PLL Episode 5 trailer promised a proposal and we here at melty were not disappointed to see that it involved Ezra and Aria. If you missed out on "Along Comes Mary" you can catch up with our PLL Season 7: Episode 5 recap to get up to speed. The Episode 6 trailer begins with the PLLs continuing to stress out about Elliot's death at The Brew. Spencer says: "We killed him and we buried him," which is actually meant as reassurance for Hanna. However Hanna responds: "That detective saw him."

The trailer then reveals that the police have discovered Elliot's true identity (most likely from his burner apartment) as Marco tells Alison: "Archer Dunhill could be much closer than we thought." The best part of the promo is Hanna receiving a phone from someone with a British accent who says: "The next time you bury someone, make sure they're dead." Did the Liars just pull a Mrs. DiLaurentis on Elliot? It looks like this call causes the ladies to dig up Elliot's body to see if it's still there. Alison will also have an altercation with someone posing as a police officer wearing a face mask, which she pulls at during their fight. And last but not least, Ezria! We'll finally find out Aria's response to Ezra's proposal, but unfortunately it's not looking very good as Aria declares: "I can't promise Ezra forever when my future could be spent behind bars." Pretty Little Liars is taking a one week break, with Episode 6 airing on August 2. We can't wait! Do you think Archer is still alive?

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