Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 8 recap, back to Rosewood High

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Pretty Little Liars Episode 8 was a bit uneventful, but it does set things up nicely for the next week's penultimate episode of the summer season. Check out our "Exes and OMGs" recap below

The previous installment of Pretty Little Liars saw the ladies become suspicious of Noel Kahn and what he's up to in Rosewood, and they also discover that Mary Drake had a second child. Catch up with our PLL Season 7: Episode 7 recap if you missed it. Episode 8 ("Exes and OMGs") begins with the Liars, along with Caleb, going over everything they've recently learned. Hanna is convinced that Noel Kahn is A, and is frustrated that her friends aren't so sure about it. Caleb follows Hanna as she storms off and pushes her out of the way when a car speeds towards them. The driver of the car is Noel and he smiles at Hanna after hitting Caleb, as teased in the PLL Episode 8 trailer, but luckily this turns out to be just a nightmare that Hanna has.

At The Brew Alison tells Emily that she's going back to teach her class at Rosewood High. Despite Alison getting a clean bill of health from Welby, Emily thinks it's too soon. However Alison explains that she has no other choice since Archer Dunhill stole all of her money and she's broke. Emily sees her old principal from Rosewood High, who stops by The Brew to pick up some pastries. He tells Emily about a job opening as Head Swim Coach, and Emily seems interested. When Alison shows up to her class, every single one of her students is wearing a black hoodie to mess with her. She later explains to Emily that there were the usual pranks when Emily asks how Alison's first day back went. The next day in class Alison gets some attitude from a student who basically says that all her lies came back to bite her in the ass.

Meanwhile Aria is freaking out to Emily about Ezra's ex Nicole, who is still possibly alive, and deleting her phone call from Ezra's phone. She states: "I lied to him," just as Ezra returns home. When Ezra questions what Aria lied about, she explains about the phone call, which makes Ezra visibly upset. Later on Aria encourages Ezra to go to Colombia to see for himself if Nicole is still alive, and she even cashes in their Italy tickets to buy him a flight. Spencer uses her sleuthing skills to track down the Dr. Corcoran that she overhead Noel call. Noel ransacks the doctor's office, which actually helps Spencer and Aria find Dr. Corcoran Sr., who was involved in Mary Drake's case. The ladies go to Corcoran's apartment and get him to speak to them with a bottle of whiskey. He tells them about Mary's two children, the first of which he gave to Jessica and the second went to County Family Services.

Mrs. Grunwald shows up at Lucas' apartment to check on Hanna after having a dream that left her unsettled. Mrs. G declares that there's a darkness around Hanna and Caleb. Hanna and Mrs. G go to The Radley to talk and Hanna explains that someone is trying to hurt her and her friends. Mrs. G proclaims that this person has a connection to The Radley - before it became a hotel, and warns Hanna that the source of the threat is very, very close. Hanna turns to see Noel Kahn not far behind her. When Noel walks over to say hi to Hanna, Mrs. Grunwald grabs her arm and Hanna is reminded of all the torture she endured while trapped by A.D.

Emily goes to Rosewood High to apply for the coaching position and runs into her ex-girlfriend Paige, who was also interviewing for the job. Emily and Paige get a drink and we learn that the two ladies lived together in California, until Emily's dad died and they broke up. Later on Paige looks crushed as she watches Emily hangout with Sabrina. It seems like Paige might have come back to Rosewood to rekindle her flame with Emily, instead of for the coaching position. After Alison finds another threatening note from A.D., Hanna decides to go rogue. She calls and makes a deal with someone, giving them money in exchange for keys. Before Hanna leaves for her mission she tells Caleb that she's going back to New York for a little while. The two share a moment and almost kiss, but Hanna puts a stop to it. The episode ends with Hanna putting up newspapers to cover a window, and we're super curious to know what she's up to seeing as her last plan didn't go so well. What to you think Hanna's plan is this time?

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