Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Paige and Sydney return to Rosewood

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A lot of characters have been returning to Rosewood in Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars, and we now have confirmation that Page will be back in Episode 8, along with Sydney at some point in the season

At lot of Emison fans continue to ship Emily and Alison ending up together, especially after showrunner Marlene King teased the couple as endgame. However one of Emily's exes is back in town and may get in the way of that. In an Episode 8 sneak peek - which you can watch over at TVLine - Emily is back at Rosewood High. At first we were really confused to see her back there and thought for a sec that they were trying to pass it off as Hollis College where Emily is taking classes.

But it turns out that Emily returned to her old stomping grounds to apply for the coaching position for the school's swim team. The teacher mentions that he had just been interviewing another candidate who was classmates with Emily, and who do you know walks out of the room: Paige. We last saw Emily's ex girlfriend in Season 5 when she moved away to California. Emily also moved to California to attend Pepperdine University, so perhaps she saw Paige there during the five missing years. The fact that Paige is applying for a job in Rosewood makes it seem like she's there to stay.

Entertainment Weekly reports that another former swimmer is returning to Rosewood. Chloe Bridges is set to reprise her role as Sydney, who seemingly admired Emily's swim skills until it was revealed that Sydney was actually part of Mona's army and was also good friends with Jenna. Both Jenna and Sydney believed it was Alison who "killed" Mona back in Season 5. With Sara Harvey now dead, it's entirely possible that Jenna will ask Sydney to come to Rosewood to lend a helping hand at revenge and finding the answers that she's looking for. It's not only ladies from the past who are stirring up trouble, Noel Kahn is back in town and he is up to no good. He even hits Caleb with his car in the Pretty Little Liars Episode 8 trailer! Are you excited to see Paige back in Rosewood in the next episode?