Pretty Little Liars Season 7, people think that Emily is the mother of Alison's baby

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The summer season of Pretty Little Liars went out with a bang (literally) and with only tens more episodes of the series remaining, fans have a crazy theory that Alison is pregnant with Emily's baby.

The Pretty Little Liars summer finale was full of twists, turns and jaw-dropping reveals (here's our recap of "The DArkest Knight" if you missed it!). However one reveal that we weren't particularly surprised by is that Alison is preggers. The signs were there. Although we were pleasantly surprised by Alison and Emily's makeout session, even after Ali told Emily that she has a bun in the oven. Speaking about Alison's pregnancy, showrunner Marlene King (via TV Guide) confirmed that it will be a major storyline in Season 7B, "for Ali and the rest of her friends - especially Emily." King further stated that Alison's pregnancy is not average and that everything in the back half of the season is spectacular. What would be more spectacular that an Emison baby? Yes, the way it happened is a bit twisted, but we really hope this is true!

If you're scratching your head, wondering how Emily could possibly be the mother of Alison's baby, we'll back up to Season 6B for you. Emily was in the process of donating her eggs, and was notified by the clinic that they were stolen. A.D. threatened to use her eggs if she didn't give up Charlotte's killer, but nothing more ever came of it, however many fans believe that evil Archer Dunhill (that has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?) implanted an egg (maybe more) into Alison while she was under his care at Welby. If this theory is true then Alison is just the surrogate of Emily's baby, but we like to think that the ladies would raise the baby together. Based on Emily's super supportive reaction to Alison's pregnancy, it looks like Emily will definitely be there for Alison whether the baby is hers or not.

But what about Paige? Just because Emily blew off getting breakfast with her and Paige didn't like that Emily and Alison were spending so much time together doesn't mean that she's out of the picture. King shared: "Paige is not gone for good. This is our season of homecomings and full-circle moments. These last 10 episodes really create the 'full-circleness' of the show and where we hope to go. Having that triangle [Emily, Paige and Alison] play out felt very appropriate for us as storytellers in these last 10 episodes. So, Paige is not gone for good." If you just can't get enough of the craziness that is Pretty Little Liars, relive the top OMG moments from the summer finale here. Who else would love to see an Emison baby?

Source: TV Guide