Pretty Little Liars Season 7's summer finale trailer looks intense AF!

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The Pretty Little Liars summer finale is finally upon us, and we were hoping for answers about Mary's second child and A.D., but based on the Episode 10 trailer we'll be happy if the PLLs make it out alive!

Hanna was on a mission to take down Noel Kahn in Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Episode 9. After her attempt to drug Noel didn't go according to plan, Hanna resorted to plan B and knocked him over the head with a baseball bat. Meanwhile Spencer and Aria did some snooping in Noel's house and discovered that Noel was Charlotte's accomplice when the Liars were trapped in the dollhouse. Emily turned to her ex-girlfriend Paige for comfort instead of confiding in Sabrina, who she is currently dating. And Aria spent a lot of time with Jason. The Pretty Little Liars Episode 9 trailer really worried us that Aria would cheat on Ezra while he was away in Colombia, but instead we learned a bit more about Aria and Jason's fling during the five missing years. We can't wait to find out what happens with the couples in the Pretty Little Liars summer finale!

The Episode 10 trailer begins with Noel tied to a chair as Hanna waves a knife in his face trying to make him admit that he's A.D. It's a good thing that she calls in an expert for some help though. Enter Mona. She tells Hanna: "Next time call me before you abduct someone," because clearly Hanna has no idea what she's doing. We briefly catch a glimpse of Alison sleeping in Emily's arms. Damnnn Emily, you's a playa playa. In other interesting relationship news Hanna and Caleb kiss, and seemingly rekindle their flame! Yasss Haleb! Spencer and Toby kiss too. Okayy we can get on board with this, Yvonne was annoying anyway. However things take a turn for the worse when Hanna takes the other Liars to where she tied up Noel, only to find that he's missing. Noel and Jenna then proceed to torment the ladies, with Jenna threatening to shoot them. Uh-oh, who gave the blind girl a gun? The trailer ends with the sound of a gunshot, as Spencer cries: "What did you do?!" Are you excited for the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars?

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