Pretty Little Liars Season 7: Toby's fate has been revealed!

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Pretty Little Liars fans were worried sick when Keegan Allen teased Toby's death on social media, but now we have confirmation of his fate from showrunner Marlene King

Aside from finding out A.D.'s identity, many Pretty Little Liars fans are anxiously waiting to find out which couples end up together. Lucy Hale has confirmed that her character Aria is still getting married in Season 7B and we're hopeful that it's still to Ezra! Hanna and Caleb are seemingly back together, and now all is right with the world. Showrunner Marlene King even teased Emily and Alison as endgame, yet again, with an Instagram photo of the characters' initials spray-painted on the infamous Kissing Rock. But what's in store for Spencer? Well, she'll have a lot on her plate when the show returns for it's final ten episodes. Jenna shot Spencer AND Mary Drake revealed that she's Spencer's biological mother! Fans would love to see Spencer and Toby together. However let's not forget that Toby is engaged to Yvonne, and they got in a major car crash as they were leaving Rosewood. PLL star Keegan Allen even teased Toby's death on social media.

Marlene King recently shared dialogue from the series finale that made Pretty Little Liars fans super emotional. But on a happy note, one of King's tweets reveals that Toby survived the car crash from the summer season finale and lives to see the very last episode. In the tweet, Toby has a line that reads, "I used to know a girl that liked to say 'hope breeds eternal misery.'" Toby is talking about Spencer; in the series' pilot episode Spencer says this phrase to her sister Melissa who had said, "I was hoping you'd be happy for me." It's only fitting that Toby brings this line up again in the series finale, and we're willing to bet that he says it to Spencer herself. Many Spoby fans still hope that Spencer and Toby will end up together. Perhaps they will be the ones getting married in one of the multiple weddings in Season 7B, however this line sounds more ominous than romantic. Are you happy that Toby is in the series finale?

Source: Twitter: @imarleneking