Pretty Little Liars Season 7B's promo promotes #PLLEndGame

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We're still reeling for the Pretty Little Liars summer finale, and now we have to wait seven whole months until the series returns in April! Luckily a new Season 7B promo teases what's in store for the finale ten episodes

Warning: this article includes spoilers for the summer finale. Read at your own risk.

Heads rolled (literally) in the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars Season 7. Noel Kahn managed to escape from Hanna's restraints and lured the Liars to an abandoned house, where Jenna cut the power and chased the ladies around the house in the dark with a gun. Noel ended up getting beheaded on the very own weapon he was using to terrorize Hanna and Emily. Meanwhile Jenna shot and cornered Spencer, but Mary Drake swooped in out of no where to save Spencer, who as it turns out is Mary Drake's second child!

Some other shocking news is that Alison is pregnant and Ezra's ex-girlfriend Nicole is still alive. It also made us very happy to see Hanna and Caleb rekindle their flame and a makeout session between Emily and Alison gave hope to Emison shippers. "The DArkest Knight" was full of shocks, and you can check out our top OMG moments from the PLL summer finale here.

The new promo for the second half of Season 7, takes us back to the past starting from the moment the Pretty Little Liars received their first message from A, all the way to the dollhouse and the big Charles/Cece/Charlotte reveal. There's been a whopping 150 episodes and now there's only ten left until the series finale. The video sees Spencer getting wheeled through the hospital with an oxygen mask on. We have every confidence that she'll survive the gunshot wound, especially since we have so much more to learn about her family history.

Aria brings up Noel being A.D., but it clearly wasn't him since the Liars are still receiving threatening messages. "The DArkest Knight" ended with A.D. taking Jenna away in a van, but she'll be set free seemingly unharmed. Jenna says to a man: "I need to tell somebody the truth," however we don't trust anything that comes out of Jenna's mouth, especially now that she's been in the presence of A.D. The baddie has taken the torment one step further by making little figurines of the PLLs for the game they're playing. Well the game is finally coming to an end whether A.D. likes it or not, we just hope that all the ladies make it out alive. Are you excited for the final 10 episodes?

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