Pretty Little Liars stars Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse tease Emison's relationship in Season 7B

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Pretty Little Liars' final ten episodes will hopefully answer all of our lingering questions, but actresses Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse have gotten a bit of a head start by answering fans' Emison questions

We can't wait until Pretty Little Liars returns to our screens in April. The cast and crew have been super emotional on social media as they do the last table read, film their final scenes, and say goodbye to the sets. The fans are super emotional as well, but we're excited to finally find out answers to the PLL questions that keep us up at night. First and foremost, we want to know who Uber A is, and with many of the old cast members coming back for the final ten episodes it really could be anyone. Although we won't be surprised if A.D. turns out to be one of the Liars. Ever since the five-year time jump, the storyline has focused more on the ladies love lives and we're anxious to find out how that all turns out. Will Aria still marry Ezra now that his ex-girlfriend Nicole is alive? Will Hanna and Caleb get married now that they're seemingly back together? And what's in store for Emily and Alison?

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell invited her co-star Sasha Pieterse to partake in an Emison Q&A video on her YouTube page. Fans asked the actresses questions about the show, their characters, and the ladies themselves, and Mitchell and Pieterse seemed to have a fun time answering them all. But when one question came up asking them to describe Emison in Season 7B, the PLL stars remained tight-lipped, explaining that they would give too much away if they said anything. Mitchell declared that we'll need to stay turned for that.

Being the optimists that we are here at melty, we are going to take this to mean that Emily and Alison are together in the final ten episodes. They did share a steamy makeout session in the Season 7 winter finale after all, and showrunner Marlene King has teased numerous times that Emison is endgame, the most recent of which was a photo of the kissing rock along with "EF <3 AD #Emison" in the caption. One PLL fan put together a string of photos that hinted Emily could be killed off in the series finale, but we're hopeful that things will end on a happy note for Emily and Alison, like with the two of them starting a family and raising the baby that Ali is preggers with together. Do you think Emily and Alison are endgame?

Source: YouTube: @Shay Mitchell