Pretty Little Liars, the moms will appear in the series finale

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All the social media posts regarding the end of Pretty Little Liars production has been giving fans some major feelings, especially the actresses' recent Instagram posts to salute their onscreen mothers

One of the biggest questions from the Pretty Little Liars Season 6A finale was, "How did the moms make it out of the DiLaurentis basement after getting locked inside?" The answer to this question was never revealed, but we were happy to see them alive and well in Season 6B following the five year time jump. The moms haven't featured much in the storyline now that the Liars are older, however it looks like they will all have one last appearance in the series finale. The Pretty Little Liars actresses have been documenting the end of production on the show every step of the way. From the final table read to sets getting torn down, it's been an emotional ride. And now to hit us with even more feelings the actresses have posted photos on social media to commemorate their onscreen mothers.

That's a series wrap on my amazing work mama. You're the coolest @thehmc #pllfinale

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That's a wrap on my beautiful amazing mommy. I love you moms ????

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7 years ain't enough. @lfera23

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Aside from the moms returning for the series finale, some fans are worried that one of the main ladies could die. The PLL Season 7 and series finale is titled "Til DeAth Do Us PArt" and one eagle-eyed fan has noticed that Emily appears second to the left in numerous photos, which could coincide with showrunner Marlene King's pic of the script with five roses on the bottom of the page, the second one on the left being black and withered. Many fans would be heartbroken if King killed off Emily, especially since she's always seemed to root for Emison and likes to tease that Emily and Alison are endgame. Speaking of Emison, actresses Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse appeared in an Emison Q&A YouTube video, and when asked about the ladies' storyline in Season 7B they remained tight-lipped to not give anything away. We are just going to take their silence as confirmation that there's a romantic relationship in store. We can dream right? Do you hope Emily and Alison end up together, and are you happy to see the PLL moms again?

Source: Instagram: @lucyhale, @itsashbenzo, @sleepinthegardn