Star Wars 8: Daisy Ridley teases the start of The Force Awakens sequel and a "cool" handed Luke

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The sequel to The Force Awakens is under way and Rey's Daisy Ridley has some keen insights to share. Here are her thoughts on the opening scene of Star Wars 8 and a "cool" Luke Skywalker

Star Wars 8, going fancifully by the title "Space Bear," is the first Star Wars movie ever to begin exactly where the previous episode left off. But while new Episode 8 cast members, like Benicio Del Toro and Laura Dern, are welcomed onboard, we're still looking towards the legacy cast members for insights on what's to come. So when MTV recently caught Daisy Ridley on the red carpet to the Oscars, they couldn't help but break her seal on the upcoming Star Wars package. Here's what she had to say. "It's two hours of me and Mark Hamill staring at each other," she teases MTV News presenter Joshua Horowitz in the clip below. "Nine opens the same way."

On a more serious note, Ridley revealed how the movie takes off right back on the tip of the remote island of Skellig Michael in Ireland. "It was so crazy doing the same scene with a different crew of people," she reflects. And Mark Hamill himself was "amazing to rehearse with." Of course, Skellig isn't the only point of interest, as recent Star Wars 8 set shots have been released from the far, far away galaxy of Croatia. Indeed, it seems Star Wars 8 will be flying all over the galaxy Earth to get those precious out-of-this-world images that made the original franchise such a success. And if Ridley's to be taken at her word (why would she dissimulate), "it's such a good story, seriously. Luke is so cool in this one!" Do you have any guesses about the name of the next Star Wars?

Source: Twitter: @MTVNews