Star Wars Rebels Season 3: Grand Admiral Thrawn learns of the Iron Squadron in Episode 8's clip

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Star Wars Rebels Season 3: Episode 8's clip shows Grand Admiral Thrawn becoming acquainted with the Iron Squadron. Check out the clip below...

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 has not disappointed us so far. We've only seen snippets of Grand Admiral Thrawn, but they were enough to get us excited for what's to come. Episode 8, titled "Iron Squadron", will introduce a new group of young rebels who fly around in a Millennium Falcon-esque spaceship. They call themselves the Iron Squadron, and Grand Admiral Thrawn will be familiarising himself with these new rebels in next week's episode. The Ghost's crew has been fighting the Empire almost single-handedly, but it looks like they might be getting some help in the future. Check out the clip below, courtesy of Star Wars' YouTube page.

Dave Filoni's animated TV show is a must-watch for all you Star Wars fans out there. Set in between Return of the Jedi and A New Hope, Star Wars Rebels details the adventures of a group of young freedom fighters who work tirelessly to stop the Empire's tyrannical rule over the whole galaxy. They fly around in a cool spaceship called The Ghost, and among its crew members is the Jedi Kanan and his young padawan, Ezra. Kanan's one of the last Jedi in the Galaxy, which is why the Empire's so desperate to catch him. So far, they've come up against Inquisitors, Darth Maul and even Darth Vader himself, however, Grand Admiral Thrawn is proving to be the toughest foe our Rebels have ever faced. What do you think of Grand Admiral Thrawn so far?

Source: YouTube: @Star Wars