Star Wars Rebels Season 3, watch Grand Admiral Thrawn's big entrance in this video

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Star Wars Rebels' new big bad for Season 3, Grand Admiral Thrawn, makes a pretty grand and menacing entrance in this new clip. Watch it below...

Star Wars Rebels is a must watch for all Star Wars fans who are currently exploring every inch of the famous galaxy far, far away. It's frankly brilliant. Don't be put off by the fact that it's an animated TV show. That just allows for the creators to be even more, well, creative. Having the show be animated gives Dave Filoni and his team of writers the opportunity to devise incredible set pieces without having to spend loads of money. Honestly, it's the best way to make a Star Wars TV show. We know that many of you want a live action Star Wars TV series, as do we (it's not completely dead yet by the way), however, Star Wars Rebels is more than enough to quench our thirst for intergalactic action. Season 3 will see the introduction of a new big bad, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Check out his incredible entrance scene in the video below.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is a new character in the canon Star Wars universe, yet we're pretty sure that many of you might know him from Timothy Zahn's Star Wars expanded universe (EU) novels. Once Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, everything that happened in the Star Wars EU was declared to be 'non-canon', which includes the Grand Admiral Thrawn books. But Filoni liked Thrawn so much that he decided to bring him into Rebels. Not only that, but Zahn is also going to be writing new Thrawn books, which will be considered as canon in the Star Wars EU. It's all great news and we can't wait to see how menacing he'll be in Star Wars Rebels Season 3, which will premiere September 24th on Disney XD. We hope you're all ready! Are you excited for Star Wars Rebels Season 3?

Source: Disney XD