Star Wars: The Force Awakens' deleted scene shows Chewbacca's darker side

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Star Wars - The Force Awakens' latest deleted scene shows us why you shouldn't annoy a Wookiee, especially not Chewbacca. Check out the first part of the deleted scene below...

Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens was a phenomenon. It didn't quite manage to make as much money as James Cameron's Avatar and Titanic, but it still managed to make over $2 billion, which is very impressive indeed. Disney will be hoping that Rian Johnson's sequel will be able to perform as well. Rogue One is the next Star Wars movie in the pipeline, which Disney's CEO, Bob Iger, already admitted he doesn't think will do as well as The Force Awakens. However, before getting to watch that, why not revisit The Force Awakens, more specifically, check out this new deleted scene involving Rey, Unkar Plutt and Chewbacca. If anything, it explains why C3P0 advised R2D2 to "let the Wookiee win."

This never-before-seen scene from The Force Awakens, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, offers us more insight into the fate of Unkar Plutt, who was played by none other than actor and Star Wars fan boy, Simon Pegg. We last saw Plutt shouting "that's mine" at a quickly disappearing Millennium Falcon. We'd love to know how he got his hands on Han and Chewie's ship. However, if this scene's anything to go by, we know that he didn't get it directly from Han and Chewie since he doesn't seem to recognise our big furry friend in this deleted scene.

After trying to get Rey to come with him, Unkar rather foolishly starts to prod Chewie's injured arm, claiming that, "half a Wookiee isn't much." As it turns out, half a Wookiee is more than enough, since Chewie then proceeds to rip Unkar's arm clean off (an old Star Wars trait - every film has someone losing a limb). You'll have to purchase The Force Awakens' upcoming Blu-ray, which will be in stores on November 15th, in order to see this more gruesome part of the deleted scene. Should this deleted scene have been in the movie?

Source: Entertainment Weekly, YouTube: @Drew G