Stranger Things actors Joe Keery and Noah Schnapp get promoted to series regulars for Season 2

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Stranger Things has introduced us to some wonderful actors in just the space of eight short episodes, and it seems that the writers and creators are not about to let them slip away as two of the characters have become series regulars

Stranger Things Season 2 is set to see the town of Hawkins grow, as new actors have been given the roles of two young characters, Max and Billy, but it's yet to be seen if they will be friends or foes to Lucas, Dustin and Mike. Stranger Things became a worldwide sensation as we watched the gang discover that their friends were kidnapped and held in a parallel world, as they did all they could to rescue them with the help of Eleven, Chief Hopper and Joyce Byers. The Duffer brothers, the writers and creators of this nostalgic, atmospheric and beautifully cast show are feeling pretty confident about their series. And now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, they have promoted two of the actors to series regulars for Season 2, and who knows for how long afterwards. The lucky two are none other than Noah Schnapp and Joe Keery.

Schnapp plays Will Byers in Stranger Things, who was kidnapped by a monster within the first ten minutes of the pilot episode, and it is up to his family and friends to save him. He's eventually recovered by his mother Joyce and Chief Hopper, but unfortunately they find him with a gross who-knows-what going down his throat and even after it is removed, the last few moments of the season see Will cough part of its remnants back up. There are many theories flying around as to what this could mean for the character, and even Schnapp himself has said that there could be "baby monsters" incubating inside of Will. Gross.

Keery plays the suave Steve Harrington who Nancy chose to be with over Jonathon (because she's young and needs to make these mistakes). But his character arc evolved like crazy over the course of the season and he turned out to be much less of a douchebag than he was when we first met him. So it will be interesting to see what Steve gets up to in Season 2. Are you excited to see more of Will and Steve in Season 2?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter