Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer preview Season 2's new characters

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Season 2 of Stranger Things will see the world which the Duffer brothers have created get even bigger, as they introduce four new characters to the show. Read on to find out more about the new faces

Almost exactly one month after Stranger Things Season 1 dropped on Netflix, as we tried to come to grips with the incredible nostalgia, characters, soundtrack, and plotlines with which the Duffer brothers have gifted us, it was confirmed that Season 2 was in production. The excitement of what's to come is almost too much to bare! With the release of the Stranger Things Season 2 teaser, fans discovered that we'll be introduced to three new characters. Well, that three has now turned into four, as Matt and Ross Duffer spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and gave us some more information about what's to come. Matt Duffer teased, "I don't think we should say much, I will say that there's a character for each generation, so there's a new teen, Billy. There's a middle schooler, a girl, Max. And then there's two new adult characters, one of who is involved in Joyce's life and the other who's involved at the labs."

Stranger Things Season 1 introduced us to the town of Hawkins, and despite the terrible experience that Will and Barb were subjected to, this is only the beginning and the world is set to get even bigger. On how they have been able to approach Season 2, Matt said, "It feels like the possibilities are limitless. We’re building up the mythology in a way that we know now where we want the story and these characters to end. We have more of a game plan now than we did two years ago."

Ross chimed in and dished, "And what we’re actually able to do the second season is ramp it up like a coaster that just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and it builds to this big, climatic finale." When it comes to the finale, we here at melty are secretly hoping that the Duffer brothers will make Noah Schnapp's theory a reality and turn sweet and innocent Will into a worse villain than the demogorgon. What do you think will be Season 2's biggest moment?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter