Stranger Things: David Harbour all but confirms that Eleven will be back in Season 2

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The wheels have started turning on Stranger Things Season 2, but there's one person who we're dying to see back in the real world, Eleven. Read on as David Harbour dishes on what the future holds for the little town of Hawkins, and the people missing from it...

Stranger Things Season 2 will see the return of your favourite characters: Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, Joyce, but what about Eleven? Our heroine saved the day at the end of Season 1 and defeated the Demogorgon, which led to her own disappearance. As executive producer Dan Cohen promises big things for Season 2, we yet to have any word if our Eggo-loving Eleven will return, and it's killing us! However, it seems that one of the show's main actors has given us just the hint we needed. David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Jim Hopper, recently spoke at Build Series and when asked about the powerful heroine, he revealed, “I will tell you that there’s no way you can create a character as iconic as Eleven in our show and kill her at the end of Season 1.” Check out the full interview below.

It seems a little mean to tease Eleven's existence while Dr. Brenner, played by Matthew Modine, appears likely to return. Hopper quickly became our favourite character as he uttered the soon-to-be iconic words: "Mornings are for coffee and contemplation." Although he was a tough nut to crack, we soon discovered that there is a lot more to the Sheriff than meets the eye. Speaking about how Hopper will evolve in Stranger Things Season 2, Harbour said: “[T]he characters have survived an event in their town… Hopper himself was struggling, and he battled this demon and saved this child, and he goes into Season 2 with more of that confidence. So hopefully that’s where we start the story, and we’ll see where it takes." We believe that if there's anyone who can bring Eleven back from the Upside Down, it's Hopper. Do you think our heroine will return in Season 2?

Source: Build Series