Stranger Things Season 2's latest casting call teases a new Eleven!

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Stranger Things Season 2 sees the return of our new favourite characters, but we still don't know if Millie Bobby Brown will be back as Eleven. However, a recent casting call hints that she may have some company, but also possibly a replacement.

Stranger Things Season 2 will be set a year after Season 1 ended, and while we speculate over what could possibly be happening to the baby monsters that are currently incubating inside of Will, we're a little worried about whether or not we'll be seeing our favourite Eggo-loving character once again. Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven stole our hearts when she first appeared as a scared little girl standing in the rain with a shaved head, but she quickly became the show's heroine as she killed the terrifying Demogorgon, which unfortunately took her with it to its grave. However, all is not lost as David Habour's Hopper was seen putting Eggos, Eleven's favourite snack, into a box in the woods which subsequently disappeared. This moment gave us so much hope, and although there's not yet been a confirmation that Brown is returning to set, this latest casting call released by Backstage may mean that our favourite telekinetic superhero is due to return.

Firstly, this casting call for Stranger Things Season 2 would have a tough time trying to be more vague than it already is, but we here at melty are on to something. It was recently confirmed that the hit Netflix show will introduce three new characters into its midst this coming season, one of whom could help Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas find their friend. After Eleven disappeared off to who knows where at the end of Season 1, we got to wondering if there are other people on whom the laboratory performed experiments, who we will meet in the episodes to come. However, looking at the difference of Winona Ryder's hair on and off screen, it could mean that the casting directors would just like their new recruits to look like they hopped straight out of the 1980's. Taking a look most notably at the broad age spectrum, we could be looking at new civilians to be introduced to the town of Hawkins. We'll have to wait and see! What do you think will happen to Eleven in Season 2?

Source: Backstage