Stranger Things Season 2, meet the new cast members!

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Stranger Things Season 2 is welcoming new actors onto the set to help expand the already complicated world of Hawkins, but will they be playing friends, or foes?

We absolutely cannot wait for Stranger Things Season 2, and after Matt and Ross Duffer gave a small preview of their newest characters, we now have confirmation of who will be playing the new faces in the town of Hawkins! We recently discovered that one of the two characters was first revealed in the Season 2 teaser released by Netflix, which listed all of the episode titles form the upcoming season. The first of which is "Mad Max," and upon further investigation, Max is a young girl of the same as Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will.

Another new character is Max's older brother Billy, who is reportedly a bit of a jock so we're thinking that he could be a friend of Steve. Thanks to Pop Sugar, we know who the two lucky actors are that have now been cast to play these characters, Sadie Sink and Dacre Montgomery. Sink is know for her role in American Odyssey, while Montgomery is about to shoot to stardom for his main role in the new Power Rangers film.

Although Sink and Montgomery are the only two actors who have so for been confirmed to appear in Stranger Things Season 2, there are still more parts that need to be filled. According to Matt and Ross Duffer, one will be a new character in Joyce's life, the other will be a person who works in the labs where Eleven was experimented on. We're not ones to judge, but we can't help feeling that the latter is not going to be a friend to the group. As much as we'd love for the gang to never need to step foot in the laboratory ever again, Noah Schnapp recently mused that Season 2 could see his character Will turn evil, after being psychologically damaged from his time in the Upside Down. Whether or not this is true, they may have to return to that dreaded place in order to take out the last of the monster that's still inside of him. Hopefully Will's family, friends and the newest kids on the block will be able to help him. What do you make of the new casting announcements?

Source: Pop Sugar