Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown's father has demanded a lot of money from potential agents

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Stranger Things has become a worldwide success, which has prompted the father of starring actress Millie Bobby Brown to make controversial demands from agents in order to get the privilege for signing her on.

It's no secret that the parents of child stars can at times be pretty demanding, and it seems at though the father of Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown is no exception to the rule. Brown captured our hearts in the eight-part Netflix drama as the powerful yet mentally abused Eleven, who found solace and safe refuge in the company of Mike, Dustin and Lucas. Her performance in this role shot her into the Hollywood stratosphere and unsurprisingly, her father Robert Brown is keen to ensure that she now has the best agent in the business representing her, but not without a price. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Robert Brown has asked for a signing fee amounting to $100,000 from competing agents, who will potentially have the privilege of adding his daughter onto their list of clients.

The Stranger Things Season 1 finale saw Eleven disappear after destroying the indestructible Demogorgon. Although her return to the show has been left on a cliffhanger, star David Habour has all but confirmed Eleven's return in Season 2. There's no doubt that the Brown family, who are originally from the UK, have moved heaven and earth to assure Millie Bobby Brown's success. The Hollywood Reporter has also confirmed that the young actress is expected to choose an agency in the upcoming week, without the promise of a signing fee, as the initial request was only put forward in jest. Production on Stranger Things Season 2 is well under way, and despite feeling the pressure following up on an incredibly successful first season, executive producer Dan Cohen promises big things for Stranger Things Season 2. What do you make of Robert Brown's demands?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter