Suicide Squad: Common reveals his character is Monster. T, aka Tattoo Man!

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Common has just revealed his guarded role in David Ayer's Suicide Squad. And while Monster T. doesn't tell us much, a small inference may reveal the true nature of his DC character

Despite news coming out a year back that Common was joining Suicide Squad, details about his role are only now coming to light, which is weird given the more we learn about things like Jared Leto's the Joker and his "horrific gifts," the more buzz around the supervillain flick explodes. Yet in a recent interview with Hip Hop magazine Complex, Common revealed that "my role is basically a character who's in business with The Joker. His name is Monster T." There's only one problem. In DC comics lore there's no real precedent for a Monster T., much less anyone by that name associated with the Joker. But the fact that Common hasn't appeared in previous DC marketing - including a cherry-popping Suicide Squad poster featuring Harley Quinn - corroborates the fact that he's not strictly part of Task Force X, although whether he's more "bad" than "evil" has yet to be seen.

The T. in Common's description above could be his way of evading the true identity of his character, however, rumoured for some time to be that Abel Tarrant, better known as Tattooed Man. Indeed, Common was caught in full tattoo makeup and bullring through the septum back when the outdoor set in Toronto was still live, pretty much confirming that he'd be the Green Lantern nemesis. Although little-known outside comic book fandom, Tattooed Man has the very unique superpower of making his head-to-toe flesh art move, especially the serpent etched on his cranium. And that's exactly what fans saw on Common's famous scalp when he showed up for shooting last summer. But for all the circumstantial evidence pointing to Tattooed Man, no one from DC has officially confirmed the role. Common, for his part, wouldn't let on, claiming only that "ya'll will see what's going on. The movie is dope though." Do you love H.E.R.?

Source: YouTube: @ComplexMagazine