Suicide Squad: David Ayer claims that his movie has made $600 million at the box office

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David Ayer has taken to Twitter to tell us that Suicide Squad has made $600 million at the worldwide box office!

Many critics have been very negative about Suicide Squad, however people have been going to see the movie in their droves. What do the critics know, right? Fans have been enjoying David Ayer's WORST. HEROES. EVER. movie, which is DC's first anti-heroes live action film. Warner Bros. has put a lot of effort into promoting Suicide Squad, and it's obviously money well spent since, according to Ayer's tweet, the movie has grossed $600 million worldwide, which is no mean feat. That's enough for Warner Bros. to consider the film an international hit and means that we'll probably see a Suicide Squad 2, although we're not entirely sure whether it will do as well and the first film. Check out David Ayer's tweet below.

Suicide Squad already helped Warner Bros. to reach the $1 billion mark for 2016, and now the film is getting pretty close to that amount on its own. Not only does Suicide Squad's commercial success pave the way for a sequel, but it also means that Warner Bros. will want to put more effort into the potential Harley Quinn spinoff movie. Margot Robbie certainly enjoys playing the character, even though a lot of her scenes with Jared Leto's Joker got cut from the film, probably for being too dark and abusive. For more info on Suicide Squad, and a roundup of the week's biggest news in the world of superhero films and TV shows, check out our latest meltDown video. What did you think of Suicide Squad?

Source: Twitter: @DavidAyerMovies