Suicide Squad: Enchantress' character video suggests that she's the big bad

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Did Enchantress' new character video let slip that Cara Delevingne's witch-like villain is actually Suicide Squad's big bad? Check it out below.

We've been looking forward to seeing Suicide Squad for some time now, yet we're still not entirely sure who the film's actual bad guy (or girl) will be. We already know that it's full of miscreants, however, we don't know who Amanda Waller's Task Force X will be trying to stop. Jared Leto's Joker will undoubtedly be up to no good, yet it sounds like his antics will have more to do with trying to win back his girl, Harley Quinn. The first two trailers gave us glimpses at the Suicide Squad killing a bunch of disgusting looking beings with dark bubbly skin (sorry, that's the only way we can describe them). Well check out the new character video below that reveals who's controlling those nightmare inducing creatures.

Yep, it looks like it's Cara Delevingne's Enchantress who's in control. She certainly seems to be very powerful in this movie. Originally known as June Moone, she was an archaeologist who happened across an old witch's tomb and was subsequently possessed by her spirit and now goes by the name of Enchantress. There will probably be a few scenes where Moone fights to regain control. Maybe we'll even get an Exorcist-esque scene. We'd love to hear Deadshot say the line, "The power of bullets compels you!" Suicide Squad's plot synopsis spoke of Task Force X's mission to stop an "enigmatic, insuperable entity". Perhaps Enchantress will be that entity. The latest (and the last) Suicide Squad trailer showed what a "mean lady" Amanda Waller really is. Maybe she'll end up sorting Enchantress out. However, it does seem as though she originally recruits the magical being for her Squad. We'll just have to wait until August 5th to find out what's really going on. Do you think that Enchantress will end up being Suicide Squad's main villain?

Source: meltygroup / Warner Bros. Pictures