Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn was complicit in Robin's murder

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Thanks to a brief infographic in Suicide Squad, we now know that Harley Quinn had a part to play in Robin's murder.

"Hahah joke's on you Batman!" Those words graffitied onto Robin's suit in Batman v Superman make it pretty clear that the Joker is the reason why Batman's sidekick wasn't around in Batman v Superman. The story behind how DC Comics' writers decided to kill off Robin is a pretty interesting one. Basically, it was the readers who decided Robin's fate. They were asked in a public vote whether Robin should die or not. The readers voted to have him killed. What a blood-thirsty bunch DC Comics readers are. However, the vote resulted in the creation of one of the most well-known comic books ever, Batman: A Death in the Family. It often ends up on people's top 10 Batman comic books of all time, including ours.

Harley Quinn hadn't even been created when this comic book came out, however, thanks to IGN's Terri Schwartz's eagle eyes, we now know that Harley had a hand in his murder in the DCEU movies. During Suicide Squad's first 30-odd minutes, we are treated to a series of flashbacks which introduce viewers to the main members of Task Force X. These flashbacks are accompanied very briefly by text infographics which tell you a bit more about the characters. So we learned that Deadshot is good with a gun (because we didn't know that already), that Captain Boomerang has a fetish for pink unicorn dolls (is that even a thing?), and according to Schwartz, "in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, the text for Harley Quinn's intro says she was complicit in Robin's murder." Say WHAT?!

Unfortunately, we did not spot this interesting bit of information, yet as Schwartz herself said it was a, "blink-and-you-miss-it moment", so we must have blinked. Since Suicide Squad's come out, we've learned that a lot of Joker scenes didn't make the final cut, and that Jared Leto filmed enough scenes to make a Joker solo movie. Maybe one of these scenes had something to do with Robin, yet we think they'll be saving this storyline for a later film. Perhaps they'll cover it in Ben Affleck's standalone Batman movie, which is rumoured to be set in Arkham Asylum. Please let that rumour be true! How do you think Harley Quinn was involved in Robin's murder?

Source: IGN