Supernatural Season 12: Episode 1 sneak peek teases a new side to Castiel

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Castiel is coming back into Supernatural Season 12 in a way we haven't seen him before! Check out The CW's interview with Misha Collins and the sneak peek at the Supernatural Season 12 premiere below.

Supernatural hits the ground running when it premieres this Thursday, with both the British Men of Letters and Lucifer on the loose, but Castiel isn't taking any crap from anybody. Over the years Castiel has mellowed, and while he's always been skilled in combat he's become a lot more compassionate since his stint as a human on Earth. However, with the guilt of letting Lucifer loose upon the world though and time running out to find Sam, the fierce warrior inside Castiel has awoken and he's going to stop short of nothing to get what he wants. The CW has released an interview with Misha Collins, which also gives a sneak peek at a couple of scenes from the season premiere. Check out the interview and sneak peek below!

Do you like this new side of Castiel? Collins said, "I think Castiel is coming back into Season 12 in a fighting spirit. He is angry that he dropped the ball with Lucifer, he feels like he made yet another bad choice, and he's coming out swinging at the beginning of Season 12, he wants to set things right. That means going after Lucifer, hunting him down and getting him." In addition to dishing on Castiel, he also gave his thoughts on Mary Winchester. The actor continued, "Yeah Sam and Dean's mom is a total pushover, as you would expect. No, Mary Winchester is a badass. She's a hunter, and we see her jump right into that early on in the show." The Supernatural producers have teased that Castiel and Mary share an interesting connection in Season 12 because they're both outsiders, and we can't wait to see that. In related news, the Supernatural Season 12 extended trailer has been revealed. Are you excited for Supernatural's premiere?

Source: YouTube: @The CW Television Network