The 100, post-production has begun on Season 4

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We still are in the dark about The 100 Season 4's premiere date, but each day brings us closer and closer too it, especially since post-production has begun! Hooray!

The 100 Season 4 remains a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. We don't even know the premiere date for crying out loud. A few weeks ago The 100 writer Aaron Ginsburg teased that some very exciting Season 4 news is coming soon. Well we're still waiting on that news... The one thing giving us solace in this unknowing time is that Season 3 of The 100 is coming to Netflix on November 16th. We are so ready to have a marathon of the apocalyptic show. Filming on Season 4 isn't expected to finish until mid-January. But seeing as the premiere will most likely be in late January or early February, the producers need to start prepping the first episodes of the season, and luckily for us we have confirmed that post production has begun! So exciting!

Charlie Crutcher, who works as Supervising Sound Editor on The 100 promises that Season 4 will take viewers on a wild ride, and we wouldn't expect anything less. Season 3 ended with Clarke managing to defeat A.L.I.E., but before she pulled the kill switch the A.I. warned Clarke that the Earth would become uninhabitable within six months time. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg elaborated that melting nuclear power plants will bring on a second apocalypse. Clarke and the gang have taken on Grounders, defeated the Mountain Men, and stopped an all-knowing A.I., but we really have no idea how they will defend themselves from the new threat, Mother Earth. Will they try to go back in space? We think they'd have better luck below ground. Or perhaps they will go out to sea and that's where Luna and the Boat People come into play. Tell us your theories on how the characters will survive the apocalypse in Season 4!

Source: Twitter: @charliecrutcher, @peterdaniellago