The 100 Season 3 is coming to Netflix in November!

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Didn't manage to catch The 100 Season 3 when it first aired on The CW? Well now you can watch it on Netflix before Season 4 airs next year!

The 100 Season 4 is set to finish filming in mid-January, and The CW drama will likely premiere shortly after. That gives anyone who hasn't seen the show's third season about three months to catch up, but where can you watch the first three seasons of The 100? You can watch the first two seasons of The 100 on Amazon Instant Video, but so far, there's been nowhere to watch the show's third season. Never fear though, as Aaron Ginsburg, co-executive producer of The 100, has revealed that The 100 Season 3 will be available to stream just in time for Thanksgiving! The third season of The CW drama arrives on Netflix on November 16, and if you haven't seen it yet, prepare for blood, death and heartbreak, because there aren't any happy endings on The 100!

With a free trial for Amazon Prime and Netflix, you could catch up on the first three seasons of the series completely for free! There's truly no better time to get into The 100. The sci-fi show is a post-apocalyptic drama set in a future where Earth has been devastated by nuclear war and is no longer inhabitable. The surviving members of humanity live in a space station orbiting the planet, but it's overpopulated and is quickly running out of oxygen. One hundred young offenders are sent down to the Earth to buy the space station more time, and to check whether the Earth's surface is survivable. And that's only the beginning! For regular updates on The 100, click the green subscribe button below. In related news, The 100 Season 4 will include the most "twisted and brutal" episode to date. Are you going to binge watch The 100 Season 3 on Netflix?

Source: Twitter: @DrLawyercop