The 100 Season 4 behind-the-scenes photos tease Polis

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We've got some good news for fans of The 100, filming for Season 4 has officially commenced in Vancouver! The first behind-the-scenes photos tease Polis action. Check them out below

The 100 Season 3 introduced viewers to the Grounder capital, Polis, which was basically destroyed in the fight to take down A.L.I.E. and the City of Light. Jaha rolled in, chipped Ontari, and essentially took over the city. When Clarke and co. arrived to stop A.L.I.E., the A.I. ordered her chipped minions to capture Clarke, who was in possession of the Flame (A.L.I.E. 2.0). All the Arkers and Grounders under A.L.I.E.'s influence had absolutely no qualms about going after Clarke and anyone who got in their way. In the end their attempts to stop Clarke was futile, as she pulled the kill switch and destroyed A.L.I.E. Immediately everyone who had been in the City of Light became aware of pain and the havoc they wreaked in Polis. Season 3 came to a close in Polis, so it should come as no surprise that things are picking right back up there in the Season 4 premiere.

The 100 Writers Room Twitter account gifted fans with the "First shot of Season 4!!" in which showrunner Jason Rothenberg welcomes fans back to Polis. Other photos include Rothenberg and Octavia actress, Marie Avgeropoulos, on the rainy Vancouver set, and Bob Morey and Eliza Taylor posing for the picture. The tweet jokes that the cameras must not be rolling since the actors are smiling, which is something we don't see too often on The 100. Eliza Taylor recently declared that she's excited to see Clarke share the burden of saving the world, instead of taking on all the responsibility by herself.

Henry Ian Cusick also shared a photo of a Grounder actor standing next to hanging meat. So it looks like viewers can expect to see Polis cleared of the destruction and on its way back to normal... that is until the nuclear power plants melt and wipe them out. At San Diego Comic-Con the cast of The 100 teased what's in store for Season 4, with the characters' main goal being to figure out how to stop an unbeatable foe - the impending nuclear apocalypse. Are you excited to see more Polis action next season?

Source: Twitter: @The100writers