The 100 Season 4 costume photos introduce two new Grounder clans!

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We're still waiting on a premiere date for The 100 Season 4, and in addition to that fans can also look forward to meeting TWO new Grounder clans! Check out their costumes and more details below

News on The 100 Season 4 has been quite sparse since San Diego Comic-Con, but a few lucky people recently got to visit the show's set and they were kind enough to share a lot of interesting information with fans on social media. This summer we heard rumours that The 100 Season 4 would introduce a new Grounder clan - Trishanakru, otherwise know as the Glowing Forest clan. And now thanks to Chris Hayner, who visited the set of The 100, we have confirmation that viewers will indeed meet the Glowing Forest clan in Season 4. But that's not all folks! Hayner's photo also revealed that another clan, called Shallow Valley, will be joining in on the action in the upcoming season. One of the set photos that Hayner posted to Twitter features the new costumes for the Shallow Valley, Glowing Forest and Ice Nation clans.

Each outfit differs in various ways to fit the clans' surroundings. The costume for the Glowing Forest Grounders is comprised of green and red fabric, and they are described as a peaceful clan by Twitter user @InsideThe100. The Shallow Valley outfit is less colourful with mostly brown material; these Grounders are described as shepherds who live in a valley according to @InsideThe100. And the Ice Nation's costume unsurprisingly includes fur, to keep the Grounders warm in the cold climate, and grey colours to blend in with the landscape. It was also revealed that Episode 10 of The 100 Season 4 "is huge," especially regarding costumes and characters. So it sounds like the Glowing Forest and Shallow Valley clans will be introduced in this episode if they haven't been already. The cast and crew are currently filming Episode 9, however post-production on sound for The 100 Season 4 has already begun. Now we just need the premiere date! Are you excited to see the new Grounder clans in Season 4?

Source: Twitter: @ChrisHayner, @InsideThe100