The 100 Season 4: Episode 8 to see a character get severely hurt

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Episode 8 in The 100's upcoming season will see one of the characters greatly injured, according to costume designer Allisa Swanson, who dropped the teaser before a production meeting for Season 4.

Death and destruction was promised at the end of The 100 Season 3, and the producers won't fail to deliver. Henry Ian Cusick has already teased the power vacuum in Polis and Arkadia in The 100 Season 4, and you can bet that with a powerful leadership position up for grabs, there’s going to be a lot of bloodshed before someone gets that promotion. Costume designer Allisa Swanson said as much, and teased that someone is going to get maimed, killed or injured in Episode 8 of The 100 Season 4. While we expect a character death around that point because it’s mid-way through the season, it's possible that she’s not alluding to anyone specific, and she could just be teasing fans of the show. After all, when don’t people die on The 100?!

So what can we expect from Season 4? A.L.I.E. teased an inescapable nuclear apocalypse, so we’re curious as to how the writers will get around that problem. Luna will be returning next season and could potentially become the new Commander since she’s the last Night Blood (that we know of), but even if the Grounder clans do stop squabbling and unite against the oncoming apocalypse, how can they defeat an enemy they can’t kill?

The television show is adapted from a series of novels by Kass Morgan, so the books may offer up some clue on that. However, the series has changed several things from the books already, and we wouldn't put it past the writers to come up with a completely original way for Sky Crew to survive. Alternatively, we could get a bleak ending where everybody dies, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen! For regular updates from melty on The 100 Season 4, click the green subscribe button below. In related news, The 100 Season 4 will include the most "twisted and brutal" episode to date. Are you excited for The 100 to return?

Source: Twitter: @allisa_s