The 100 Season 4 gets a premiere date!

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Fans of The 100 have been (im)patiently waiting for the date that Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and the rest of the crew return to our screens, and now we finally have a day to mark down on our calendars!

The 100 cast and crew have been hard at work filming Season 4, while fans anxiously await more action from our favorite post-apocalyptic TV show. Info about the new season has been kept under lock and key, although we're super excited to see Roan (ahem King Roan now) and Luna back in action! Viewers can also anticipate seeing some fresh meat, as quite a few new actors have joined the Season 4 cast. As for fan favourites Clarke and Bellamy, we expect to see Clarke focused on saving the world and everyone in it, and Bellamy right there along with her doing whatever he can to help. It's a different story for Bellamy's little sis Octavia though. Following the death of Lincoln in Season 3, Marie Avgeropoulos has warned that her character is headed down a very dark path in the upcoming season. It's also been teased that Octavia will get a new love interest in The 100 Season 4, so maybe love will save her from darkness. Only time will tell...

In case you hadn't heard, the day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived! Well, actually not quite, but we now finally know when The 100 returns to our screens. Season 4 debuts on The CW's mid-season lineup and it's not too far off now! The CW has announced that The 100's highly-anticipated fourth season will kick off on February 1, 2017. Let the countdown begin! Season 3 ended with Clarke defeating A.L.I.E. only to find out that nuclear power plants are melting and there's another apocalypse on the horizon. The Sky Crew and Grounders alike are going to have to work together to survive this time. And this means new Grounder faces! The 100 Season 4 costume photos introduce two new Grounder clans, from the Glowing Forest and the Shallow Valley, which is very exciting indeed! Will you be tuning in to Season 4 of The 100 on February 1?

Source: The CW, Twitter: @DrLawyercop