The 100 Season 4 gets another new character

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Fans of The 100 are eagerly awaiting to hear any details regarding the highly-anticipated Season 4. We're still in the dark about the exciting news Aaron Ginsburg teased, but we do have info about a new character!

Clarke managed to defeat A.L.I.E., but now the Sky Crew and Grounders alike have a much bigger problem on their hands. A lot of the talk regarding The 100 Season 4 has been about this new, unbeatable foe: Mother Earth herself. But aside from that, not much else has been revealed about the upcoming season. The 100 writer Aaron Ginsburg recently teased that fans will be getting some exciting Season 4 news very soon. At the time of writing we are still (im)patiently waiting to find out what this news is. Here at melty we think it will most likely be the announcement of Season 4's release date, although we wouldn't mind if it was some new footage in the form of a teaser instead. There's been such a lack of information regarding The 100 since all the Comic-Con news fizzled out that we'd be happy with just about anything, we're an easy bunch to please.

We do have one tiny piece of new info for those eager fans of The 100 out there. Another character has joined the Season 4 cast. According to The 100's IMDb page, Will E. McDonald has been added to the roster as Wilson. Nothing is known about this new character at the moment, but Wilson definitely sounds like a Sky Person's name. We recently reported that three Canadian actors have joined The 100's Season 4 cast, and two of them - Joseph John Coleman as Taggart and Alex Pangburn as Hayes - will be making their debut in Episode 4 alongside McDonald. Meanwhile the third of the Canadian actors, Jana Mitsoula, will be introduced in the premiere as Willa. In addition to these new faces we are super anxious to see Roan (ahem King Roan now) and Luna back in action. Are you excited to see what the new Season 4 characters bring to the table on The 100?

Source: IMDb, Twitter: @The100Season4