The 100 Season 4 to finish filming in mid-January

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The 100 Season 4 will finally wrap filming in January 2016, so what does this mean for the season premiere? Could the series return to our screens before February comes round?

The 100 Season 4 got another new character recently, but even more exciting is that according to Twitter account The 100 S4 News (via, filming on The CW drama will be ending mid-January. This is particularly exciting because often The CW television shows like Arrow and The Flash are still filming their final episodes when the season premiere airs, and if The 100 Season 4 completely wraps filming in mid-January, then presumably Season 4 will premiere soon after. Not so long ago the writers for The 100 teased Season 4's premiere date with a cheeky photo, and given that filming is expected to end in mid-January it would make sense that Season 4 will premiere in either late January or early February. So what can we expect from The 100 this season?

After the destruction of A.L.I.E. and the City of Light last season, there's nowhere to run from the impending nuclear apocalypse. Clarke and co. won't exactly be able to stop the apocalypse, so what will their plan be? Will they try to find some way back into space? Or will Sky Crew work with the other Grounder clans to build underground bunkers to protect themselves from the radiation? Mount Weather would be the perfect base, though unfortunately it was destroyed in Season 3, and there's a certain stigma surrounding the place that would cause tensions between the clans. There's disunity in Polis following the death of the Commander, so will Luna return from her self-imposed exile and lead her people to a safe haven from almost-certain doom? What are your theories for The 100 Season 4?

Source: Twitter: @The100Season4, @yvrshoots