The 100 Season 4 to include the most "twisted and brutal" episode to date

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News about The 100's upcoming season has been sparse, but writer Aaron Ginsburg has shared that he's working on a fierce episode that is more "twisted and brutal" than anything from the previous seasons

The 100 writers certainly aren't shy when it comes to violence. The Sky Crew had to be strict up in space and floated (read: killed) people for the slightest mistake. Meanwhile the humans who survived on the ground turned to somewhat primitive ways. While those who survived inside of Mount Weather harvested both the Grounders and Sky People's blood and bone marrow for healing purposes.

Clarke made the very difficult decision to irradiate Mount Weather, killing everyone inside, in order to save her Sky Crew. But the death and destruction didn't stop there, as Lexa was forced to duel Roan Game of Thrones-style in Season 3, while A.L.I.E.'s influence caused people to act in extreme ways. Now that A.L.I.E. has been defeated, the Grounders and Sky Crew alike have to figure out how to survive the melting nuclear power plants, so you'd think there would be some peace seeing as they now have a common enemy: Mother Earth herself. However The 100 writer Aaron Ginsburg has shared that they're currently working on the most "twisted, brutal episode" to date!

Season 4's episodes are still a work in progress and filming is scheduled to finish in mid-January, which means that The 100 will return to our screens at the end of January, at the earliest. Not too long ago Ginsburg teased that fans should expect some very exciting news about Season 4 soon. Well we're still waiting to find out what the news is, but we have a feeling that it's Season 4's release date, possibly accompanied by a teaser trailer.

There really hasn't been much else revealed about the upcoming season, aside from all the new characters joining the cast. The latest addition to The 100 Season 4 roster is Will E. McDonald, who is set to be introduced as Wilson in Episode 4. McDonald joins Canadian actors Jana Mitsoula, Joseph John Coleman and Alex Pangburn, along with Chai Romruen as the show's fresh meat. While Zach McGowan will be back in action as King Roan, and Nadia Hilker will reprise her role as Luna. Are you excited for the upcoming season of The 100?

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