The 100 Season 4 to see Octavia get a new love interest?

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Lincoln and Octavia had a beautiful love story on The 100 that we won't soon forget, however it sounds like Octavia may have a new man in Season 4. Read on for more details

Some very lucky people got to visit the set of The 100 Season 4 recently, and they were kind enough to share on social media what they saw and learned. A picture of the new Grounder costumes in Season 4 confirmed not only that the Glowing Forest clan will be introduced, but that we'll also meet the Shallow Valley clan. Very exciting stuff. Tiffany Vogt of Seat42F had lots of interesting information about Marie Avgeropoulos' Octavia to share. Vogt teased that Octavia may have a new romantic relationship in Season 4, but we all know that no one could ever replace Lincoln. However there were no photos taken of Avgeropoulos on set because they would be too spoilery. This seemingly means that Octavia will have a completely different look in the upcoming season. Perhaps she's gone full Grounder?

Vogt also mentioned that it would be too spoilery if there were photos taken of who Avgeropoulos was on set with. We take this to mean that whoever Avgeropoulos was filming a scene with that day is her new beau. One of Vogt's other tweets might actually reveal that Octavia's new romantic interest is none other than King Roan himself. Imagine if Octavia became his Queen and was decked out in a full on Ice Nation getup. With both Bellamy and Octavia set to have significant scenes with Roan in Season 4, we wouldn't mind seeing Octavia and the Ice King together. Although that would mean no Ice Mechanic... unless there's a love triangle between Raven, Roan and Octavia in store. Post production on The 100 Season 4 has already begun, so now we just have to patiently await the highly-anticipated reveal of the premiere date. Who do you think Octavia's new man is?

Source: Twitter: @TVWatchtower